Meet the Team

Management Team

Whilst Jon was travelling around Australia, he made his living delivering jars of jelly beans.
Following an ingenious initiative by one of Mark’s teachers all those years ago to make morning registration more interesting, his class at the time (at least those he is still in contact with) can still recite from memory all 27 classmates in alphabetical order in less than 7 seconds. Yes, and they still do it when they get together!
In 2022, James cycled 330 miles from Leighton Buzzard to Paris, raising money for our charity partner, KidsOut.

Warren Morris


Warren’s first full time employed role was as a Storeman (that’s how old he is). He also wrote the British Standards (BS5750) procedures for his department.

Gary Clarke

New Build
Account Manager

Gary qualifies for 3 different Nationalities – British, Irish & Dutch

Warren Coetzer

New Build Account Manager & Mortgage Adviser

In his younger years Warren served as a special services soldier in the elite parachute battalion of the South African defence force.

Sarah Deane

Human Resources

Sarah is related to the late actress Jean Alexander, best known for her long-standing role in Coronation Street as the legendary Hilda Ogden. Yes she knows… you can see the resemblance!!

Chrissie Froggatt

New Build Account Manager

Chrissie appeared on GMTV with Mr Motivator.
The true meaning of ‘Leyla’ cannot be described with just a few words. Her name means her destiny, heart’s desire, and personality. Leyla is a name that implies a pioneering spirit. She is a natural born leader, highly focused and achievement oriented. She believes others may see her slightly differently!
Karolina is naturally lefthanded, however she taught herself to write with her right hand and now she can write the same thing with both hands at the same time in mirror fashion.

Charlie Sweet

Broker Development Manager

In Charlie’s younger years, he was a bass player for a band that had success appearing on the BBC introducing and supporting acts such as ‘Reverend and The Makers ‘ and ‘Frankie and The Heartstrings’.

Wojciech Symonowicz

Associate Partner

Wojciech is a huge fishing enthusiast, long bike riding and proud daddy of Oliver and Maria. When the circumstances are right, he can perform a one-legged squat.

Rhys Cox

Training and Development Manager

When Rhys was younger he was a tv & film extra, he has been in Run Fat Boy Run, Golden Compass, Harry Potter 6/7, Robin Hood (Russel Crowe), Son of Rambo, Sweeny Todd, Mama Mia and more.

Mortgage Advisers

Nick loves a conspiracy theory.
Jo was in a band and once sang with Gerry and The Pacemakers.

Vikas Bhalla

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Vik has been a broker for many years and takes pride in providing all of his clients with the best service, in his free time he  enjoys keeping fit and active and is a big fan of sports and a good TV series!
Will has cooked breakfast for Stephen Spielberg.
Sam used to work as a waiter in a cocktail bar.

Robin Carne

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Robin is a Part Time Rugby Coach but but his main excercise revolves around his 4 year old German Shepherd called Tommy who requires at least an hour and a half walk per day!

Jo’s birthday is on the same day as her brother’s however they are 2 years apart. Her son is also born on her dad’s birthday. You’d think having the same birthdays in the family would make it easier to remember… It doesn’t! 

Jonathan Hill


Jon once spent two weeks in the Amazon with nothing but a torch, mosquito net and a knife – You need to catch quite a few Piranhas to make a meal!

Catherine Houghton

Senior Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Catherine worked in the Middle East for many years as a Financial Adviser. 

Robbie used to be a golf professional.
Sam enjoys watching his teenage son play football and still manages to play a bit himself… for now anyway!

Tracy Kavanagh

Equity Release & Mortgage Adviser

Tracy survived an interrogation by Anne Robinson on The Weakest Link and has trained as a Army Cadets instructor. She is a champion of young people’s opportunities.

Kinga used to live in the middle of nowhere, and loved it, her nearest neighbours were miles away and all she could see on the horizon were trees and lakes. It’s only now, being based in the big city that she feels like KINGa of the jungle. 

Fiona is known for usually being the first and last person up on the dance floor on a night.

Jake is an avid Chelsea fan and used to be a season ticket holder. When not watching The Blues, he can be found with his wife and son out on long walks with their dog.

Marek is a circuit training aficionado! When he’s not conquering circuits in the gym, he’s busy being a super dad to his two daughters or cultivating his green oasis in the garden. Jack of all trades, indeed!

When leaving school, Chris travelled to South-East Asia, Australia and Italy with his now wife. During their 4 months in Australia they lived and slept in the back of a car which was an incredible adventure!

Tom Smith

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Tom was able to fly a plane on his own before he passed his driving test.
Hayley loves anything fitness, when she is not working you can usually find her in the gym, cycling, running or walking.
In Ryan’s spare time he enjoys researching ancient history, most notably pre-Columbian civilisations and architecture.

Away from the office, Stuart enjoys the gym, travelling and spending time with his wife and children. 

Paul Mizon

Mortgage and Protection Adviser

Paul has ran 3 marathons and over the past 4 years and averaged over 3000 miles per year.

Rhiannon Hunter

Mortgage Adviser

Rhiannon has travelled Latin America solo and once spent 30 days in silence in a Peru jungle meditating.

Protection Advisors

Ryan is a keen traveller and has been to over 25 countries already with a target of visiting 60.

Jo enjoys taking her dog for long walks.

Dean’s first job was when he was 13, going door to door with his friend cleaning cars for a fiver!

Agnieszka Symonowicz

Protection Adviser

According to the Cookidoo application, Agnieszka is ranked in the top 1% of the most creative cooks with Thermomix.

Lee loves spending time with his two children Maya and Jack and playing golf when he can.

Martin Whalley

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Martin is a keen football fan and novice sailor. He also enjoys long walks with his dog.

Finance Team

Paula Deane

Financial Administrator

Paula’s personal best for 100m is 12.6 seconds.

Lisa has been on dodgems with the origional Top Gear boys.

Support team

Sarah enjoys walking with her dog Tommy, a long-haired German Shepard, especially along the North Devon coast.

In her spare time Donna enjoys watching a film, gardening, or doing a good puzzle.

Tom embarked on his professional journey as an apprentice at The Mortgage Store, where he has embraced learning and growth. Beyond the workplace, Tom channels his passion into non-league football, showcasing his skills on the field. Rooted in his Italian heritage, Tom is known for his strong family orientation, reflecting his deep-seated values both personally and professionally.

Magdalena Eyles

Support Team

Magdalena is really passionate about texture paintings and all sorts of non-objective art. She is always looking for new styles and techniques to create something unique.

Kelly has an interest in upcycling old furniture and interior design – she makes old pieces of furniture look modern to fit into contemporary room designs.

Donna is from a multicultural background, half English, half Macedonian. Having lived in two very different countries and travelled to many places, she has broadened her cultural horizon and developed an appreciation of diversity. She is also a multilingual, currently fluent in 4 languages.

Charlene is a keen baker and can often be found in the kitchen, whipping up tasty home cooked treats.

In the future, Agnieszka plans to move to Moldavia’s countryside and open a small winery. It has always been her dream to have a quiet life far from the crowd and taste delicious wines. And finally, she can ski backwards and swim forwards – but not at the same time

Yvonne loves country walks with her two Shiatzus.

Josh has a deep passion for football and dedicates his spare time to the game. Beyond that, he leads an active lifestyle, engaging in various forms of exercise. Additionally, he’s a fervent traveler with a goal to explore a new country each year

Wendy was stranded with a group of her friends at midnight in a small town bar in Philadelphia (due to a heavy snow storm) and they had to be rescued by the local Sheriff and his deputies as there were no transport due to the terrible weather conditions!

Outside of work Kerrie loves to travel and explore. She enjoys yoga, football and spending time with her two daughters.

Emma is cheese obsessed! She even puts grated cheese on her homemade curry.

Cassie Wilson

Support Team

Cassie coaches on a successful cheerleading programme in Milton Keynes. They have teams competing in the UK and the USA.

Yamila Navarro

Support Team

In 2016, Yamilla quit her job and left everything to go 6 month traveling around Asia. She went to 10 different countries all on her own. It was her greatest experience.